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Our story

In 2006, an interest in chemical safety and the desire to help companies develop safe and compliant products lead to the formation of VRS Regulatory by experienced recruiter John Sherratt. We have since helped over a 1,000 regulatory professionals and risk assessment scientists advance their careers and introduced 100’s of trainees to this exciting, challenging and growing area.

The last decade has seen a complete overhaul of chemical regulation; regulatory science is constantly advancing along with public awareness of the impact of the chemicals that enable the life we live today. The demand for regulatory expertise has seen unprecedented growth. The role of the regulatory professional has evolved, expanded in importance and profile and, has become fully integrated into business operations.

In the UK today, rarely will you use a chemical product that hasn’t at some point been reviewed, evaluated, labelled or registered by a VRS Regulatory recruit. John has assembled an elite team to help you develop your regulatory career and to help grow your business’ regulatory expertise.

We conduct our recruitment with professionalism, integrity, confidentiality and a personal and personable approach. We eat, sleep and breath regulatory affairs and we would love to help you with the next stage of your career.

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Experienced regulatory affairs recruiter John Sherratt

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